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August 1, 2008

Miles and Miles of Texas

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A recent road trip to Kermit, Texas (named after Kermit Roosevelt, son of Theodore) got me cranked to create material related to riding quads on the dunes. Since Sandtrax roots are deep in the dunes, time to reflect back on our roots. Why Kermit? To ride the Kermit Sandhills for the first time. Worth it? Let’s just say me and the boys…and Walt and Evan are ready to ride West Texas again.

Long drive no doubt. 500+ “miles and miles of Texas” – Bob Wills. Left on Thursday, arrived in Odessa and were treated to a traditional Mexican dinner. Then more driving on to Andrews (home to Buddy’s Drive-In). Down for the night anticipating the sand on Friday.

After the arrival of two first time riders, we piled in the Suburban and headed for the hills. Arriving at a locked gate and a closed sign was disappointing. However, one phone call to the land owner and we were given the golden key that opened the locks and we were in the park. Stop and sign in, pay the 10 dollar per adult riding fee and spot the rig.

Unload the wheelers, mount the paddles, fuel the tanks…put on the ride gear, communicate instructions…start the quads and bbrraap!

Are we gonna ride or what?

Are we gonna ride or what?

We are gonna ride…more story to follow.


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